Al and Doug working at Y-Climb Tower Hire in South Australia, getting Streamliner

ready to race in early March 2007.


Trevor (Y-Climb Owner), Doug, Cain (Y-Climb apprentice), Gail, Mike (Aussie DLRA Racer),

Kelly, David (Y-Climb worker) showing Wayne (The Replaced One - who didn't come)

what he is missing.

Leaving the Streamliner at Doc's place in Port Augusta because the race was cancelled. 

 We went anyway but didn't want to tow the liner on the dirt road.

The POP Motorsports crew makes it to Lake Gairdner March 2007 (Al, Kelly, Gail, Doug)

Access to the lake was too wet and soft, with dirt just below the surface of the salt.

Disappointed racers, under the direction of DLRA President, Rob Carroll,

building a new ramp to improve access for next year's event.

The salt road to nowhere!

Al and Mike Davidson getting the liner into place at the museum - March 22, 07

Interesting juxtaposition of two vehicles driven by females in the past 100

years at the National Motor Museum in Birdwood, South Australia.

Display for racecar