Wet Entrance to Bonneville August 2007


Gail showing off the impressive mountains at Bonneville August 2007

POP Motorsports Crew - Wayne, Doug, Gail, Al, Kelly August 2007

POP Crew working hard to repair damage to exhaust system. August 2007

Everyone helping to get exhaust system back on board. August 2007

Gail smiling after 202 MPH run - not a record but oh so close. August 2007


Getting race gas at ERC 2006

Doug checking engine at Inspection 2006

Waiting in very, very long lines 2006

At the starting line at last - getting last minute instructions from Starter and Doug 2006

A happy driver and crew after setting new record of 190 MPH (breaking 28 yr standing

record of 184 MPH)  2006