• September 26, 2009 Congratulations to Gail Phillips for her induction into the prestigious Dry Lakes Racing Hall of Fame.

    • Famous racers and Hall of Fame members in attendance were many, like Ed Iskendarian, Louie Senter, Nick Arias, Jr., Burke LeSage, Mickey Thompson's first wife Judy Thompson-Creach. Crowds bench-raced and got reacquainted while enjoying a great BBQ, raffle prizes and the awards ceremony itself. Gail has joined an illustrious group of people who have contribuled to racing's history going back 60 years.


  • August 14, 2008  Doug has decided to run our tried and true E motor (258 CI) which holds many successful records, and a B motor (400 CI) - both are ready and raring to go fast. We head to the salt on the 16th and hope to be through inspection and relaxing by the end of the day on Sunday the 17th (fat chance). Racing starts at 10 am (Utah time) on Monday and Doug's plan is to get a check out/test run that day.  Gail should make her first runs the following day depending on how long the lines are as we work the bugs out of the new Streamliner at this much anticipated event!  Plus the Discovery Channel will have a crew filming us and several other teams for a special show on Speedweek, we'll post the scheduled date as soon as we learn when it will air.


  • July 12, 2008  Everything continues on track for Bonneville's Speedweek event which begins August 18, 2008.  Fine tuning work on the Streamliner continues to keep Doug busy as he finalizes cockpit changes and engine work on the Nissan 3L which is going to the Dyno any day now.   The VETTE Magzine article came out and has been well received by those who were able to find it. Check it out on our CORVETTE page.

  • May 5 2008  Al and Doug, with Don West helping, picked up the Streamliner in Long Beach and have actually found room to squeeze it into Doug's shop.  He has already started work on it, along with the Nissan motor so everything appears to be on track for a successful Bonneville Speedweek. 

  • April 22, 2008  Gail & Al arrived back in the U.S. in early April and Doug is working on the Nissan motor in anticipation of the arrival of the shipping container with the Streamliner expected on April 30th.  After the liner is prepped some low speed test runs may happen at El Mirage in June.  Check back to see how it goes.                  

          Also note that our indispensible Crew Member - Wayne Villard - graduated from             

          the California Highway Patrol and has been assisgned to the Santa Barbara area. 

          So everyone better watch out and SLOW down....Is that an OxyMoron for a 

          Land SPEED team?  Congratulations Wayne!!!

  • February 12, 2008 As one can imagine everyone is very disappointed and frustrated by the cancellation/postponement as the event won't happen while we are scheduled to be in AU.  We have started the arrangements for getting the Streamliner out of the Museum and getting a container arranged to ship everything back to the U.S. so we can run at Bonneville in August.  As they say - That's Racing!
  • February 8, 2008 Gail & Al are in South Australia and have finally picked up the crate after it cleared Customs and Quarantine today.  No damage, everything seems fine and they are now just awaiting Doug's arrival on the 20th.  The weather is unseasonably cool and comfortable but the hope is that the lake is still dry.
  • January 20, 2008 The shipping crate, with two Chevy race motors we are planning to use in the Streamliner, is on its' way to Australia and should arrive within a few days of Gail and Al's arrival on February 3rd.  Everything is in place for a successful and fun meet as the weather seems to be holding and the lake continues to improve daily as the race date approaches.